Hey there, I’m Henry Duong! I enjoy empowering learners through dynamic experiences.

A laptop inside a home showing the start of the winter weather in Ottawa eLearning experience.

Featured Project:
Winter Weather in Ottawa

I designed and developed a scenario-based interactive eLearning solution to onboard incoming international university students to the basics of navigating winter weather in a new environment.

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Instructional Design and Learning Content

Through different experiences working in SaaS and various universities, the following showcases a versatile set of eLearning projects and videos using various modalities and deliverables.

Project Sample: Basics of Bonusly

I replaced a course in the LMS by creating three short videos to go over how to use the Bonusly employee recognition software.

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Project Sample: University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Online and In-Person Orientation (Onboarding)

I produced a library of 20 videos for online and in-person onboarding.

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MSU Denver Spirit video soar 2013

Intro video seen by every in-person onboarding participant as the first thing they see to pump them up for the day.

Theme/Tone: Fun, Energetic, Inviting

New Student Orientation Recruitment video

Recruitment video for prospective onboarding employees, showcasing life as an Orientation Leader and testimonials from current and former staff.

Theme/Tone: Fun, Encouraging, Informational, Testimonial

Short-Form Media

The following showcases a variety of short-form, microlearning, social learning, and graphic aids through the use of visuals or social media.

Bonusly GIFS

Filmed, edited, and produced 60+ work-relevant GIFs for Bonusly so anyone is able to give a quick thanks, a thumbs up, or celebrate a victory! GIFs were uploaded to Tenor and Giphy, so customers could add these GIFs to recognition posts in the employee recognition software or use in any relevant use cases.

As of August 2022, there have been over 4.6 million total GIF views on Giphy.

#OL Advice Campaign

Tasked with several university resource themes and worked with onboarding employees (Orientation Leaders) to take their creative ideas and turn them into fun, easy to digest, video content. There were four videos, which generated ~9,000 views on the university's Instagram account over a 4-week period.

Note: Remember to unmute the audio.

Dining Options

A Wiggles song called "Fruit Salad" (at the request of the employees) was used to showcase different dining options in a very light-hearted way.

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Housing Tips

Sharing housing tips through a numerical and informational way.

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Getting Involved

Talking about involvement using a That's 70's Show 360-degree pan style from the TV show, done with a cheesy tone.

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Study Tips

Informative style encouraging students on how to be successful when studying.

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Onboarding Experiences

Thes posts highlighted different onboarding experiences available in-person at a mid-sized university I worked for. Photos in posts were also taken by me.

Outdoor Adventure Bonding

Showcased a multi-day overnight opt-in experience for incoming students with an outdoor adventure theme.

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Group Selfie Fun

A look in to the #OLGroupSelfie as the onboarding employees would take group selfie photos with the participants assigned to them.

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Immersing in the Arts

 Showcased a multi-day overnight opt-in experience for incoming students with an arts-based theme.

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Graphic Design & Printed Content

The following is a small curated collection of personal, work-related, and volunteer leadership role-related examples showcasing graphic design and layout.

Banterhoot: Video game & Tech brand

Logo designed for my own upcoming YouTube channel and brand focused on video games, called Banterhoot. Wanted a clean modern design which combined a recognizable element of video gaming (the d-pad) with something which looked by a chat bubble but in a shape of  a "b" to reflect the brand name.

CU Denver Student Organizations T-Shirt

T-shirt design made to be distributed to all participants during a leadership retreat day and used as giveaway/promotional items subsequently.

Colorado State University Spirit Day Campaign

Flyer/poster to promote school spirit by wearing school colors on a certain day.

College Personnel Association of Colorado: Careers in Student Affairs Institute

Conference guide for a higher education professionals, which included schedule at a glance, session descriptions, and more.

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My name is Henry. I grew up in Colorado and have a background in learning content design and development in tech and SaaS. Prior to a career in tech, I spent a decade gaining onboarding, education, content management, and leadership training experiences in in higher education, nonprofit, and eCommerce industries. Through all my roles, technology, education, equitable learning, and growth was always at the forefront. I enjoy analyzing and researching processes, uncovering the user experiences, so I may ultimately build effective solutions for any project or program I engage in. I value teamwork, social justice, transparency, and learning and growing. My intent is to always investigate and explore my curiosities in life, so I may make the most positive impact I can in this world.