Basics of Bonusly


Audience: New admin users being implemented to the Bonusly employee recognition product
Learning Outcome: After experiencing the Basics of Bonusly course, learners would be able to identify basic user tools, navigate the homepage to give recognition, and interact with their monthly allowance.
Responsibilities: Instructional Design, eLearning Development, Visual Design, Storyboarding, Action Mapping, Prototyping, Scripting
Tools Used: Camtasia, Skilljar LMS, Condenser Microphone, Google Suite

As Customer Education Specialist, I was tasked with condensing some of the learning management system (LMS) content. Much of the previous LMS content came from live webinar sessions that were spliced into sections. The live webinar video had also gotten out of date since there had been product features and updates added. Basics of Bonusly was one of the very first courses an admin user would experience during their implementation period, so I decided to focus on revamping this module.

After watching through the old video content and documenting the content from the outdated webinar video, I identified three main outcomes admin users would learn. I consulted my manager, managers for the Implementation and CSM teams, and the Product team to make sure it fit their needs and to confirm the areas of the Bonusly product I was capturing would not be outdated by the time the videos and revised course was published.

The goal would be to turn a 30-minute webinar video into three short videos (1.5 - 3 minutes). After experiencing the Basics of Bonusly course, learners would be able to successfully use the basics of the Bonusly product to give recognition.

Given the start-up SaaS environment, creating a product with an MVP (minimum viable product) mindset was key. I had to balance expectations and time spent on this project. I knew I needed to develop a revised course in an accurate yet efficient way, knowing the product would continue to evolve and require updates again in the future.



Using the goals and outcomes, I created a roadmap of what screen capture video content I would need to capture to show the learner exactly what they needed to know. With the content established, I began to draft a script. Once reviewed and approved by my manager, I proceeded to record the screen captures .


I used Camtasia to do my video screen capturing and editing. A demo account was used to capture the feature interactions. Once I had set up the demo account for the specific scenarios I was going to walk learners through, it was a straightforward process for recording the actions. I used an external condenser microphone to record my audio reading off the script. Then I synced the audio with the specific parts of the videos being highlighted.

To be fitting to Bonusly’s fun nature and tone, I added in emojis to some of the videos. Camtasia’s editing tools were leveraged to make the user experience more immersive by highlighting specific parts of the screen capture, adding mouse click effects, and zooming in/out.

Upon any revisions and finalization of the three video lessons, the videos were uploaded into the course in the LMS.  The course featured an introduction, three video lessons, and a conclusion. Any written content in the course was reviewed to ensure it still flowed with the new versions of the videos made.

Results and Takeaways

Once all changes to the Basics of Bonusly course was published, the updated course was shared out to customer-facing teammates and subsequently to new admin users going through the implementation process. The Basics of Bonusly course became the most viewed and completed course out of all course offerings. It was used to springboard into more in-depth courses. Customer-facing teammates provided direct feedback saying it was overwhelmingly positive and learners appreciated the condensed version of the content.

When taking into consideration of potential improvements for a future iteration of this project, there are several possibilities:

  • Captions: If provided more time in the future, I would look to add captions manually as the older software and Mac versions for Camtasia I had access to, do not have an automated option.
  • Interactive Learning: Learners experience other courses in Bonusly’s LMS with quiz questions. This intro course could potentially end with a more interactive approach. There is opportunity to use Articulate 360 Storyline or Adobe Captivate to develop a labeled graphics activity, asking learners to click on areas of the Bonusly product in correspondence to prompted questions.

This project allowed me to work with various managers and teammates to ensure the implementation and learning process for new admin users would be smooth. I was able to use the MVP mindset to navigate and manage the expectations knowing I would need to turn this project around in a efficient time given there were other day-to-day responsibilities in my role.